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Once you join our website, you purchase a product and the moment you become a Subscriber/Client you enter into an enforceable and binding contract, as well as you ( "Subscriber" ; "Member"; "Your", "You") also agree that you will follow these very Terms and Conditions (listed in the Agreement). In case you register as a member, your membership will be automatically renewed every thirty days and will also be billed in accordance with the rate that is categorically mentioned on the order page, till the time it is cancelled as per these Terms and Conditions. This particular agreement can be subjected to changes at any given point in time as well as these very changes can also come into effect without us notifying the Subscriber immediately.


The terminology "Site", as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions imply- the website that you plan to buy a password and username for, so that you can acquire access to that particular website and make the most its contents as well as the membership. The terminology "Membership" o "Member", as stated in the Terms and Conditions imply- The Subscriber (Holder) of a password and username that is valid for the website throughout the membership term. The Membership is not transferable and cannot be assigned to any other person. The word "Subscriber", as stated in the Terms and Conditions imply-The Consumer or End-User, of the services offered by the Site as well as the person who holds a valid password and username for the website. Once you become a Subscriber, you hereby give authority to impose charges on your credit card or other facilities that have been approved for the entire membership related fees and for further services and/or goods at from and/or through or pertaining to the website.

The terminology "Login", as mentioned in the Terms and Conditions implies-The combining of an innovative password and username, which is sold by and utilized for accessing, the website. A Login is a type of license that cannot be transferred and is non-exclusive that is provided to a member and no one else, for using the website for a certain time period. The word "Bookmarking", as stated in the terms and conditions imply-The act by which one places a URL (webpage link) into a temporary file on the browser of the subscriber so that the subscriber quickly returns to that specific page directly in the future, without having to pass via any other intermediary pages.

Subscription Fees

The Subscriber will have to pay subscription fee periodically as per the existing terms and conditions of our site Subscription fee is non-refundable and is passed for the initial thirty days from the date it was originally purchased. Please check out the "Refunds & Money Back Guarantee" category below and find out regarding our refund policy. Till the time this particular agreement gets cancelled as per the terms mentioned here, the Subscriber hereby gives authority to the website or its billing representative, for charging the credit card of the subscriber (or any other facility that has been approved) to make payments for the existing membership cost.

Automatic Renewal

The Subscription fee is renewed automatically, and thus credit card debiting or processing of cheque will happen automatically, once the selected original period comes to an end, for the same time period, till the time the Subscriber provides an appropriate notice at least 1 (one) days before the renewal or at the time when the subscriber decides to cancel the membership within the "Membership" section before the renewal. Memberships are renewed automatically. The maximum Term of this Agreement is hundred and twenty months.

Theft of Login/Non Assignability

Your username, password, membership, may not be transferred or assigned to some other entity or person. The subscriber must quickly inform the website of any kind of security breach, for instance theft, loss, use of a password or username or unauthorized disclosure. Till the time the website is notified via telephone, e-mail, regarding any security breach, the Subscriber shall be held liable personally, for using the Service in any unauthorized manner. The Subscriber shall and is liable personally for, and will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the website and any other agency taking action on its behalf from all and any damages (which includes loss of property, profits, penalties and fines), costs and losses (which includes the fees of attorney) that is a result of any actual or attempted unauthorized downloading or any duplicating whether by the Subscriber solely or with or in accordance with any other government agency.


At any point time, the Service Subscription can be terminated, and without establishing the cause, by either the Subscriber or the site upon the notification of the other party via conventional or electronic mail, or by fax, telephone, or submitting the request for cancellation form. When a member requests for termination, subscription fee is not refunded. Subscribers are liable to pay charges that are incurred by them till the time the service is terminated. Users of credit card can be subjected to pre-authorization. The pre-authorization isn't charged to the credit card. But, the existing subscription charge that is applicable might be reserved against the available limit of the credit card of the member. The website shall not be considered responsible for the charges of the bank, penalties or fees that is due owing to delinquent or overdrawn Subscriber accounts. Get in touch with your financial company that issues credit cards for further details.

Refunds and Money Back Guarantee-We guarantee our customers that we would provide the precise number of users/visitors to the precise URL, which they had ordered for in a matter of sixty days of the date when your campaign begins. We don't guarantee any other thing and won't be liable for any type of losses to incorporate profit loss, CPA accounts or Adsense accounts.

We won't be liable since we don't guarantee signups or sales. Customers must also know that the terms and words in our ad that describes the successes of a few of our customers are offered for free of cost. Our organization doesn't guarantee monetary benefits and successes when you utilize the services offered by us, we can only guarantee that we will deliver the exact number of visitors ordered in accordance with our statistics tracker.

Granting of Limited License along with Reservations

Site Membership is offered for non-commercial, personal use by the clients of the Site. As visitors, clients of the website hereby are given the permission to download a single copy of the license (on one computer only) or printing copies of the information identified on the website for non-commercial, personal utilization only. Using the website commercially, or any kind of material present on it, is prohibited strictly. Apart from this, you cannot do modifications of any of the materials present on the website; you shall also not utilize any of the materials present on the website for displaying it publicly, sale, rental or performance; you shall not get rid of, alter or modify any proprietary notices or copyright, or trademarks from there; you shall also not transfer any of the materials present on the website to some other person. The website has all the right for terminating the license at any point in time in case you are breaching the terms and conditions of the agreement, and in this case you'll be instantly obliged to destroy the downloaded, copied or printed information that you have taken from the website.

Accessing and using the site is done via a combination of password and username. Each and every subscriber should maintain the confidentiality of her/his login details. Owing to security related reasons, the website won't release passwords to anybody apart from the subscriber. However, if the court of law requires the details for any specific reason, then we shall share the login details. Accessing site in an unauthorized manner will result in the breaching of the Agreement and law violation. You agree and acknowledge that all the materials included at the website are proprietary and comprise of valuable intellectual property, which is owned by the website or the site administrator or any other person who has appropriate license for using this kind of materials for company. You also acknowledge and agree that you completely understand that the organization doesn't permit authorized accessing of any part of the website in any which way in contrast with the provisions listed in the Agreement.

You also warrant and represent the organization that once your agree to the terms and conditions you also agree that you will not be access or make attempts for accessing any kind of materials provided at the website in a way that the company doesn't authorize or support. You warrant and agree that you will not download, access, view, receive and use or enable or cause other people to view, access, receive, download or utilize materials indirectly or directly in location where the Organization doesn't authorize any such viewing, access, download, use or receipt. You hereby also acknowledge that you are understand that the Organization doesn't give authorization for viewing, accessing, duplication, downloading, transmission, receiving, broadcasting or utilizing the materials present on the website by or to any individual, including you, who is situated in the locations termed as prohibited location.

You warrant and agree that you will at no point in time view, access, download, use or receive, or enable or cause others to view, access, receive, use or download materials indirectly or directly in locations where the Organization doesn't authorize any such viewing, access, download, use or receipt. You also agree and acknowledge that you completely understand and agree that all and any unauthorized viewing, access, receipt, downloading, duplication or use of materials from the website, where you are indirectly or directly involved, including and not limited to viewing, accessing, receiving, downloading, or utilize the materials in areas that have been prohibited in any way will result in intentional infringement(s) of the Organization's and others' intellectual property rights as well as other rights in this type of materials and will further result in trademark violation and violation of other rights including, and not limited to privacy rights.


Bookmarking to a website page wherein the warning page(s) or/and terms and conditions are by-passed will consist an acceptance of these terms and conditions and an acknowledgement of age of majority.


The materials used on this site are offered " AS IS" without any implied or expressed warranty of any type including merchantability, warranties, fitness for specific purpose, non-infringement of Intellectual Property. The website doesn't provide any assurance with regard to error free or uninterrupted services. The website also doesn't warrant any completeness or accuracy of the information, graphics, test, items or links or any other type of item available on the website. Any information provided on the website can b changed at any given point of time without any prior notice. In case the subscriber is present in a location where this particular disclaimer is not accessible or is restricted, the disclaimer won't be applicable and the subscriber may exercise legal rights that vary from one state to another, one province or jurisdiction to another.

The owner of the site and the site do not make any representation with regard to any information contained in this site. In case the services or materials provided on the site are defective or/and result in any sort of damage to the equipment or any form of inconvenience or loss to the subscriber or other person claiming via subscriber, the subscriber will have to bear the complete cost as well as responsibility for the same.

In case the site owner or site is found to be liable for any type of failure with regard to performance, omission, interruption, error, delay, effect and irrespective of whether based on the breaching of contract, negligence or some other type of cause or claim of action. At the most the site owner and the site is liable for not more than the subscription fee that is paid on behalf of or by the subscriber for the preceding month. Some provinces, jurisdictions, states don't allow the exclusion or limitation of liability for consequential or incidental damages and therefore the above exclusion or limitation won't be applicable.

However, under no legal bases or circumstances will the site owner or site or any of their suppliers, agents, licensees, representative or any other subscriber will be liable to others or the subscriber for any special, indirect, consequential or incidental damages of any sort including, without damages, limitations for losses of any type, including and not limited to goodwill loss, stoppage of work, failure or malfunctioning of any other equipment or computer.

The subscribers are solely responsible for offering all communications equipment and personal computer required for gaining access to the website. All the materials on the website are proprietary and contains valuable and important intellectual property and are protected and copyrighted in accordance with the provision of the as well as copyright laws applicable worldwide. The website's materials shall not be copied, reproduced, published, edited, uploaded or transmitted in any which way without expressing any permission in written. Except as stated expressly in the provision of the terms and conditions of the limited license, buying of a membership doesn't grant any implied or express right to you in accordance with its copyrights, proprietary information and trademarks.

Except for the 3d party ads or communications that neither the site owner nor the site, endorse nor screen, the content of the website is operated and controlled by the owner of the site. No way is it represented that the materials provide on the website is available or appropriate for using in other areas, and accessing the information from the areas where its considered illegal is prohibited strictly.

The terms and conditions are construed and governed by the laws applicable in Canada. The application of the UN Convention of Contracts for the International Sale of Goods is excluded expressly. In case the dispute as a result of or in relation with the terms and conditions, or because you access or use the website, litigation should be raised in federal or provincial court in Ontario, Toronto, Canada. If the website allows Subscribers to share the information with the other Subscribers, then the Subscribers must agree that they won't publish, submit, or display on the Service any inaccurate, defamatory, threatening, abusive, illegal or racially offensive material. Transmitting any such material, which violates any state, federal, local or provincial law, is prohibited and will result in the breaching of the Agreement. Subscribers must agree that they won't engage in solicitation of or advertising to other Subscribers for buying or selling any services or products via the website without any written consent given in advance.

Subscribers hold responsibility for the information sent or displayed by them, even when a claim arise post service termination. All the messages will be deemed to be accessible readily to the public. Don't use the website for any form of communication that the sender wants only himself/herself and the recipient(s) to read. Thus, all the messages on the site may and can be read by the site operators, even if they are not the intended recipient(s).

Third Party Links-The website shall consist of links to other websites that are controlled and operated by 3rd parties. The sites that are linked shall not be under the site owner's or operator's control and this website isn't responsible for the information and content present on any of the linked sites or any other link that is included in a linked site. Our website is offering these links only to make things more convenient for you. Inclusion of any of the links doesn't mean that the site is endorsing the same.

Modification :

The website has all the rights to modify or change any or all parts of the Terms and Conditions as and when it wants and without specifying the reason. Changes incorporated as part of the refunding rates and terms will come into effect within fifteen days of sending notice to the subscribers. Any other type of change will come into effect instantly once the changes have been included on the website. If you continue to use the website, you agree and accept the Terms and Conditions, aside to the changes incorporated into the website as mentioned above. In case you don't wish to be bound by modifications made in the Terms and Conditions, you must stop visiting and using the site.

Permission and Authorization to Send Emails to Subscribers: You permit and authorize advertisements, notices, emails and other forms of communication to be delivered to you from the organization or its agent, representatives, contractors, assigns and advertisers who has been authorized as well, by email, notices, advertisements and other communications. Additionally, you also agree and acknowledge that your permission and authorization to the Organization to deliver you with such important materials as well as communications will be effective until and unless you send notification to the Organization that you want to be deleted from the organization's list of emails. Subscribers hereby represents and warrants that she or he is over eighteen years of age and is competent and qualified for establishing this particular agreement. You also agree and acknowledge that you completely understand that all or some of the testimonials placed on the site have been done for promoting them and can or cannot be from authentic users.