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At, we completely understand that our users believe in online privacy, especially if they are looking to conduct business with us. The statement here governs and underlines our privacy related policies with respect to the users of our website (visitors) who pay a visit without the intention of transacting any business and also those visitors who register and do business on our site as well as utilize the services provided by our site.

What is "Personally Identifiable Information" ?

This refers to the information, which identifies or can be utilized for identifying, locating or contacting the person to whom the information concerns, including and not limited to address, name, fax number, phone number, financial profiles, email address, credit card information and social security number. Personally Identifiable Information doesn't include the information, which is gathered anonymously (i.e. without identifying the individual user) or demography related information, which is not related to an identified person.

What type of Personally Identifiable Information is gathered ?

Our organization can gather basic information pertaining to the user profile from our site visitors. W gather the following extra information and details from our Authorized Users: the addresses, names, email addresses and phone numbers, the size and nature of their business and the size and nature of the advertising inventory, which the Authorized User plans to buy or sell.

Which organizations gather the information ?

Apart from us collecting information directly, our third party service providing vendors (like clearing house, banks and credit card companies) that may offer services such as credit, escrow services and insurance may gather this particular information from the Visitors and Authorized Users. We do not have any control over the manner in which these 3rd parties utilize such details and information, but we don't ask or request them to disclose the manner in which they utilize this personal information offered to them via Authorized Users and Visitors. These 3rd parties may also include intermediaries who solely act as links in this distribution chain. They don't retain, store or utilize the details and information provided to them.

How does our website utilize this Personally Identifiable Information ?

We utilize Personally Identifiable Information for customizing the website, to offer appropriate services and for fulfilling selling and buying requests on the website. We can also email Authorized Users and Visitors regarding purchase as well as selling related opportunities on the website or send information pertaining to the subject of the website. We could also utilize Personally Identifiable Information for contacting Authorized Users and Visitors with regard to their inquiries, or to offer the information they had requested for.The Personal Information may be utilized for general solicitation by this site as well as other organizations that buy or rent it.

Is the information shared with other entities? If yes, then name them ?

Personally Identifiable Information related to the Authorized Users can be provided to other customers who have been authorized and intend to evaluate potential transactions with other customers who have also been authorized. We can also share the collective information regarding our Visitors, which typically includes the demography of our Authorized Clients and Visitors, with other affiliate agencies as well as third party vendors. We provide the "opt out" opportunity of acquiring information/details or being contacted by us or by any other agency designated by us.

How do you store Personally Identifiable Information ?

Personally Identifiable Information gathered by our site is stored securely and isn't accessible to the employees or 3rd parties of our site except for utilizing it in the manner stated above.

What options to our Visitors have with regard to use, distribution and collection of the details/information?

Authorized Clients and Visitors can opt out of acquiring information, which is unsolicited, from us. They can also choose not to be contacted by us or/and our vendors as well as affiliate agencies by responding to our emails as stated by us or by getting in touch with us directly.

Does your site use Cookies?

Cookies are utilized for multiple reasons. We utilize Cookies for acquiring information regarding our Visitors preferences and the services chosen by them. We also utilize Cookies for the purpose of security to safeguard our Authorized Clients. For instance, in case an Authorized Client has logged on and the website is not used for over ten minutes, we shall automatically log off the Authorized Client.

How is the information pertaining to login used by the Google Traffic System?

Our site utilizes the information pertaining to login, including and not limited to ISPs, browser types and IP addresses for analyzing trends, administering the site, tracking the movement and usage of the user and collecting broad demography related information.

What service providers or partners can access Personally Identifiable Information from Authorized Clients or/and Visitors on the website?

Our site has established and shall continue establishing partnerships as well as associate with multiple vendors.

These vendors can access specific Personally Identifiable Information only when they need to acquire information for evaluation of Authorized Clients to find out whether they are eligible for service or not.

Our policies pertaining privacy doesn't have anything to do with their gathering or usage of this particular information.

Disclosing of Personally Identifiable Information for complying with law: We shall disclose Personally Identifiable Information for complying with the order of the court or request from law enforcement agency or subpoena for release of information. We shall also disclose Personally Identifiable Information when we feel it is important to safeguard our Authorized Clients and Visitors safety.

How does your site ensure the security of Personally Identifiable Information?

All of our employees are aware of our security practices and policies. The Personally Identifiable Information of our Authorized Clients and Visitors is accessible to only a few qualified and experienced employees who are provided with the password so that they can access the information. We also audit the security processes and systems of our site regularly. Any sensitive detail or information, like social security numbers or credit card numbers is safeguarded by using encryption based protocols, to safeguard the information shared via the internet. While our organization takes every possible measure to provide security of the site, databases and electronic related communications can be subjected to tampering, break-ins, errors and hence we can't warrant or guarantee that these particular events won't happen and we shall not be liable to our Authorized Clients and Visitors if any such thing happens.

Can Visitor make any changes in the inaccuracies present in the Personally Identifiable Information?

Authorized Clients and Visitors can get in touch with us via an email and request us for updating any details related to their Personally Identifiable Information, which they think is erroneous or inaccurate.

Is it possible for visitors to deactivate or delete Personally Identifiable Information gathered by the website?

We offer Authorized Clients and Visitors with a mechanism that they can use for deactivating or deleting Personally Identifiable Information, which is stored in the website database by getting touch with us directly. In view of the deletion of records and backups, it isn't possible to delete an entry made by the Visitor without keeping back some residual details and information. A person who places request for deactivating his/her Personally Identifiable Information can get this particular information deleted functionally, and our site won't sell, use or transfer Personally Identifiable Information pertaining to that particular person in the future.

What if there is a change in the Privacy Policy?

We shall inform our Authorized Clients and Visitors regarding the changes incorporated in the privacy policy by updating the concerned changes on our site. However, in case we plan to change our policies pertaining to privacy in a way that it may result in disclosing of the Personally Identifiable Information, which an Authorized Client or Visitor has requested shouldn't be disclosed previously, we shall get in touch with such an Authorized Client or Visitor and request him/her not to disclose the information.


This site consists of links to other sites. Kindly note when you use any of the links listed on this site, you shall move to another site. We strongly recommend that you go through the privacy related statements of the sites that have been linked to our site as they may be different from our policies.


By offering information to our site that is the very basis on which we communicate with you, for instance an email address, you will end up waiving all the rights for filing complaints related to the unsolicited spam or email from this site as, by offering such details and information, you also agree to acquire communication from our company or any other marketing related organizations. However, any communication that is done with you via an email will consist a link for 'unsubscribing' wherein you will notify the site that you are not interested in receiving information or solicitations from the site as well as we will also remove your name from our database pertaining to general solicitations.

Our Commitment to Security of Data

This site adopts measures for safeguarding its information and data, which consists of information that pertains to you. However, every security system is penetrable. We can't guarantee our databases' security, nor can we assure that the information won't be intercepted at the time of transmission to our site via internet. By viewing this site, you are waiving all and any claims for any sort of damages against the organization and you are also acknowledging the organization doesn't hold any responsibility for any type of damages caused to you by misusing any of your Personal Information.

Age related restrictions:

If you use our website, you also agree to the fact that your age is more than eighteen years.

Dispute Matters:

In case any claim, dispute or controversy arises between the organization and you, including and not limited to the disputes that arise from: usage of this site, the policies of privacy mentioned here, the usage terms listed here, any buying made in relation with this site; or any types of claims whether in the form of contract, tort or even otherwise; you hereby agree and consent that such dispute will be settled on the basis of binding arbitration by the Canadian Arbitration Association as per the Arbitration Rules that are in effect at that point in time. Any hearing will be carried out in the City of Ontario, Canada, Toronto. The arbitrator's decision will be final as well as binding upon all the parties and any sort of award of the arbitrator(s) shall be acknowledged in the form of judgment in the court.