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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you use Black Hat techniques?

No, we don't use any sort of misleading black hat related techniques. For processing your orders, we utilize white hat methods that are not deceptive.

What is the meaning of Guaranteed according to you?

Our organization guarantees that all your requirements pertaining to the orders placed by you will be fulfilled on time and also means that very soon or later you are going to witness a positive increase in the sales.

Why must I buy from

We have a policy of sending only high-quality traffic at competitive prices alongside quick service as well as no type of hidden fee. Any of your campaign shall be live within twenty four hours and in most of the cases much quicker.

Are you also using spam for generating visitors?

No. The traffic generated by us is done via pop-unders.

What do you mean by pop-under?

Pop-unders are very similar to pop-up barring that it loads under the existing page instead of over it. This kind of advertising is far more superior as it is not very intrusive.

What happens in case a visitor gets a pop-up blocker?

In case a user gets a pop-up blocker, then our site's traffic server script won't execute. This implies that you won't be counted off as a visitor utilizing a pop-up blocker as no pop-up would be displayed to that specific person.

Do you provide unique traffic?

Yes, we deliver twenty four hours unique traffic.

What does "twenty four hours unique" imply?

Twenty-four hours unique implies that each visitor we provide to your site within a twenty four hour period would be completely unique.

Does your company also provide statistics or some other report along with our campaign?

Yes, you'll get statistics on a weekly basis that will provide details pertaining to your campaign's progress.

Can I create an effective campaign? If yes, then how?

You can consider site optimization to ensure that your site loads quickly or create a page that not only loads instantly but also utilizes other features like enticing color schemes, special offers etc. Opt for things that can give your site a much more appealing look for attracting your target audience.

I have place by ordered just now, by what time will you initiate my campaign?

Once you have made the payments, your campaign will go live typically within twenty four to forty eight hours.

After payment, our company will verify your website and thus it is provided to our reviewing team for the purpose of approval. In case there are some types of problems with regard to your website, we will notify you immediately. We setup all campaigns within twenty four to forty eight hours or even faster. In case you place your order on a Friday you may have to wait for your campaign to be initiated at least till Monday.

Do you actually provide targeted traffic?

The Traffic via our Targeted Visitor Traffic is provided with regard to the particular category selected by you.

What types of targeted visitors categories you provide?

At present, we offer more than three hundred Targeted Categories to make your selection from!

Our popular categories include Webmasters, Shopping, Sports, Games, Beauty, Health, Entertainment, Travel, Software, Finance, Dieting and Diet Related Products, Free Stuff On The Internet, Credit Cards, Debt Consolidation, Home Business, Income Opportunities, General Audience traffic and Business Opportunity.

Which are the regions/countries supported by you for your targeted traffic?

Presently, we offer support for targeted traffic to the following countries and regions: Asia, Africa, Australia, China, Canada, European Union, GSU, Germany, Italy, India, Middle Eastern, North America, Mexico, South America, UK, Spain, United States, USA - Eastern, USA - Central ,USA - Mountain, USA – Pacific and Wordwide.

You can also acquire targeted traffic for specific age group (18-24, 25-54, 54 and older).

What happens when my server witnesses a downturn?

Our company won't be liable in such as case. Please make sure that the server is capable of handling the actual visits before you buy the traffic. However, in the event of a server downturn or any other kind of foreseeable issue, you may always send us an email and wait till the time we fix the problem.

Will I be able to achieve increased sales?

Even though we have a number of repeat and satisfied clients, we cannot give you any guarantee that you'll achieve increased sales. This is completely based on your website's sales relate copy, pricing point, your service or product's demand as well as presentation of your site. By utilizing the services provided by us you can enhance your site's presence on the web and also attain more exposure.

Are there restrictions on the campaign?

Yes, the page used by you for the campaign cannot consist of any of the following points:

  • Sound (flash or background)
  • Extra pops including windows which load your site, javascript prompts, windows which load when a visitor chooses to exit your site and download boxes that appear automatically, among others
  • Scripting that changes a visitor's browser
  • Illegal or adult content
  • Frame busters

What is the manner in which the Money Back Guarantee functions?

In case you don't receive the entire traffic purchased by you (in accordance with the system of tracking offered to you along with the order), you shall get a prorate refund of the traffic that isn't delivered to you. Be completely sure of the traffic that you are planning to purchase before you buy the same. Also, we would like to notify you that we do not accept user logs from programs such as Awstats, Analytics and other software/programs, which we are not recommended by us. We shall only give acceptance to visitor logs coming via If it isn't this site then we won't give you any refund.

This is a very accurate system for tracing whereas others are not. All the advertisements are treated as sold the moment we place the same into your (user's) account. We do not hold responsibility of the effectiveness of a given advertisement link, offer or campaign made by you. We are also not responsible for the effectiveness of your site, nor are we responsible for converting your website traffic into subscribers, clients, members or customers. The moment we put the ad into your account we shall have fulfilled all our services. You are solely responsible for determining the success of this as well as any other advertising. We may take legal action in case you fail to make payments for any of the ads done by us.